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Thermal Cures in Contrexéville

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A spa treatment is first and foremost a medical treatment prescribed by a general practitioner or specialist to take care of multiple chronic pains but also to help the body recover after a trying pathology thanks to the recognized virtues of the natural underground waters.

Opening dates for medicalized spa treatments in Contrexéville: from March 20 to November 12, 2023. Inquire now at 03 29 08 03 24.

What treatments are available during a spa treatment?

Massages, bubble baths, jet showers, physical activities adapted under the benevolent eye of multidisciplinary professionals, are among the treatments characteristic of thermal cures recognized to soothe daily pains and allow curists to recover a better quality of life.

For which pathologies?

The thermal spring waters of Contrexéville are reputed to be effective since the 18th century for long-lasting relief of:

  • diseases of the digestive system (AD)
  • metabolic diseases (AD)
  • non-insulin-dependent diabetics (AD)
  • pathologies related to the urinary tract (AU)
  • rheumatological conditions (RH)
  • overweight (AD)…

The Thermes de Contrexéville also offer dual-orientation spa treatments.

What reimbursement

for your spa treatment?

To be reimbursed by your Health Insurance Fund, your medical spa treatment must:

– be the subject of a prescription drawn up by a doctor (general practitioner or specialist)

– last at least 18 days (3-week treatment)

– belong to the therapeutic orientations covered

If your request for coverage is accepted, Social Security will reimburse you a minimum of 65% of the thermal treatments and 100% of the treatments in the case of a long-term condition.

Your complementary mutual insurance company can also provide part of the reimbursement, ask about it!

On the other hand, the expenses related to your accommodation or your stay in Contrexéville will remain at your expense.