Pavillon Des Sources Contrex©ludivine LeducPavillon Des Sources Contrex©ludivine Leduc
©Pavillon Des Sources Contrex©ludivine Leduc
The sources of ContrexévilleNaturally beneficial waters

Discover the springs of Contrex

When you hear the word “Contrexéville”, you think of course of the bottle with the pink cap and the label praising the benefits of the minerals… And that is indeed all the virtues of the different sources of Contrexéville. In addition to their numerous minerals, which contribute to cover the daily needs in calcium and magnesium, the waters of Contrexéville are recognized to participate actively in the elimination of toxins. We take you to discover these springs with multiple virtues.

The Source of the Pavilion

The Source du Pavillon is the main spring of Contrexéville. It is also the most abundant, and it is the one that is bottled and marketed. Formerly known as Fontaine Mala, the Source du Pavillon was so called when a first wooden building covered it to protect it.

Analyzed by Doctor Bagard for the first time in 1760, it was recognized as a public utility in 1860. But the Pavillon Spring did not wait to be recognized to be talked about: long before, people came to drink from this spring to relieve kidney ailments in particular.

Discover the Pavillon Spring

The Sovereign Spring

In 1856, Doctor Victor Baud discovered that the water in the well of the house he had just bought was mineral. Because of its laxative effect, he decided to name this spring the Sovereign Spring. Five years later, in 1861, a company set up by two associates obtained authorization from the State to exploit the mineral water from this spring. They then set up a hotel around it, and became the first competitors of the Source du Pavillon.

In 1865, the Société des Eaux de Contrexéville became the owner of the Source Souveraine. Since 1992, it is the Nestlé group that owns the mineral waters of Contrexéville.

Everything you need to know about the Sources de Contrexéville

The mineral waters of Contrexéville are all cold waters, whose temperature is less than or equal to 11 degrees.

Pavillon des Sources and Sovereign Spring are both loaded with sulfate, calcium and magnesium, but in different concentrations. This difference is related to the various rock formations that surround them.

The therapeutic virtues of the waters of Contrexéville have been known since 1760, when Doctor Bagard, the first physician of the former King of Poland, brought them to light in a memoir on the waters of Contrexéville.

Combined with calorie control, Contrexéville water can help to eliminate during a slimming diet. Indeed, water facilitates diuresis, i.e. the elimination of toxins.

Springs on the ground

Springs to preserve

The springs of Contrexéville are almost flush with the ground and are captured at a depth ranging from 5 to 100 meters for the deepest. Thus, to protect these waters with multiple virtues, a set of measures has been put in place to avoid the infiltration of pollutants. In particular, the spreading of herbicides and pesticides is prohibited on an area of 11,000 hectares around the springs.

To replace this spreading, weeds are burned. As for animals and insects, they are driven away by their natural enemies. Means that could not be more ecological and economical to avoid polluting this resource.

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