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Getting in shape in ContrexévilleCapital of slimness and well-being

Slim down in Contrexéville

A few extra pounds? In Contrexéville, we have the solution: slimming packages. Elected as the Capital of Slimness since 1979, its famous water, combined with the treatments offered by the thermal baths, the activities of the Tourist Office and the follow-up of the dietician, will help you regain a harmonious figure. All this in a relaxing architectural and natural setting. Come on, we’ll take you with us to discover the “Saveur Minceur” of Contrexéville.

A stay to let go

And find yourself

We chose to come as a couple, to lose the little kilos that settled during the confinement. Everything was booked by the Tourist Office: hotel, treatments, meals, activities… Everything is done to let go and take care of yourself. The slimming stays are specially designed to initiate weight loss, certainly, but also to reconcile body and mind.

We are welcomed with kindness and good humor. Here, no judgment, no criticism, we relearn how to eat healthy, listen to our bodies, and regain a taste for physical activity gently and safely. A whole program to get us back in shape efficiently!

The 4 fundamental notions

Slimming formulas

Drawing your silhouette

Tone the body

Oxygenate the mind

Relearning how to feed yourself

Activities for all tastes...

And of all shapes!

In Contrexéville, the adage “Eat, move” is well proven, especially during slimming stays. In partnership with the O’Sport association, the Tourist Office offers numerous sports activities, but also stress management activities.

You will be able to take advantage of an initiation to Nordic walking, yoga or Pilates classes, but also bowling or muscle strengthening evenings… As well as a sophrology session dedicated to “back pain” or “headaches”, or an acupressure session. And to start the day off right, there is nothing better than “morning oxygenation in the thermal park”. A wake-up call in contact with nature, to find yourself and reconnect with yourself.

Dietetic meals

Some restaurant owners are marked with the “Respects the Saveur Minceur Charter” badge. They offer balanced and tasty menus. Enough to satisfy the most greedy, while eating healthy.

The body assessment

During your slimming stay, you will be asked to do a body assessment. It is done with the help of a professional impedancemeter scale. Thanks to it, you will have a very precise summary of your body’s state of fitness: fat mass, muscle mass, skeletal weight, metabolic age… All the keys to define achievable goals and adapt your diet.

The personalized interview

For 45 minutes, a dietician reviews your current diet with you. Then, with the help of your body assessment, she guides you and develops a food plan with you that corresponds to your goals, but also to your lifestyle and tastes. You leave this interview with a program and sound advice for your return home.


There are two types of workshops: dietary advice workshops, and culinary tips and recipes workshops. The dietary advice workshops address specific topics such as “the glycemic index”, “gluten” … and give you hints on how to choose the right foods, adopt the right gestures to maintain a balanced diet in all simplicity.

The culinary workshops, on the other hand, last 2 hours and are a real mine of information to cook healthier. Practical advice, recipes, tastings follow one another, all supervised by a dietician and a chef trained in slimming cooking.


Recognized effectiveness

Contrexéville slimming stays are successful, and above all, they produce results! Far from miracle cures/diets/products, slimming in Contrexéville is an art that is practiced with professionals. On average, clients lose 2.8 kilos during their stay, and more importantly, continue to lose weight in the 6 months that follow.

The mantra of these stays: learn or relearn a new, healthier lifestyle, without depriving yourself or forcing yourself to anything. A lifestyle you won’t be able to live without once adopted.

Access to the Spa, for relaxation

The Contrexéville Tourist Office’s slimming stays also give you access to the Spa. There, you can stroll for a few hours to relax before, after or between your treatments. What to offer yourself not only a slimming challenge, but above all the opportunity to find yourself with yourself, far from the daily hustle and bustle.


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