Marché Du Terroir ©eric MarguetMarché Du Terroir ©eric Marguet
©Marché Du Terroir ©eric Marguet

Know-how and local flavors

To awaken your senses

Between delicacies and terroir

At Contrexéville, we are inspired by what nature has to offer to create new flavors. Just because the town is a slimming and spa destination doesn’t mean it’s not gourmet… Come on, we’ll take you to meet the local artisans, who will delight your pupils and your taste buds.

The treasure of the Vosges

Taste multiple flavors

Whether it’s a question of slimming tables, local cuisine or even bars, Contrexéville offers a multitude of flavors. Even the most difficult to please will find what they are looking for, and the most curious can discover all the local flavors.