Gallery and Pavilion ©j. Baudoin Industrial PhotographerGallery and Pavilion ©j. Baudoin Industrial Photographer
©Gallery and Pavilion ©j. Baudoin Industrial Photographer|Jérôme BAUDOIN
The Thermal GalleryStrolling between springs and mosaics

The Thermal Gallery, a world to discover

One building has intrigued us since our arrival: the Galerie Thermale, and what goes on under its galleries. Artists, restaurants and bars have all made an appointment to offer the visitor a moment out of time. And that’s good, that’s where we are going.

Between architecture and greenery

An escape for the body and mind

Our journey begins at the end of the gallery. We are between the park and the neo-Byzantine style columns, between nature and architecture, between rurality and urbanism. We take the time to look at everything. The blue cameos of the columns soothe us, the green makes us want to lie down and simply admire the gallery.

The further we go, the more the romantic charms of this gallery make us fall in love. At its center, the Rotunda makes an impact, and causes us to fall in love at first sight. The Statue of the Verseuses, which represents two women pouring water, seems to soar towards the sky. We look up to admire the equally splendid copper dome that protects these graceful women from the whims of the sky.

The Verseuses statue has in fact become an emblem of the city, as sculptor Guillaume Roche has taken up this sculpture to adorn the eponymous traffic circle on Avenue Division Leclerc, at the entrance to the city.

Discover the 1000 facets of Contrexéville

All about the Thermal Gallery

Its dimensions

The Gallery is 180 meters long, and 8 meters wide… Coincidence or not, its height is also 8 meters.

Its architect

Contrexéville owes its beautiful Galerie Thermale to the architect Charles Mewes. A disciple of Jean-Louis Pascal, and a student of the Beaux-Arts, Mewes is also the architect of the castle of Rochefort-en-Yvelines, but above all of the very famous Guerlain building, located in the 8th district of Paris.

Attention to columns

Pay attention, we challenge you to find the numbers on the neo-Byzantine columns of the Gallery! So, did you find them all?

A message

At the entrance to the Thermal Gallery, you will find a sealed marble plaque. On it, a message addressed to all those who come to seek healing at the Spa: “The pious and beneficent Stanislas, benefactor of his country, has put the curative waters of Contrexéville back into service, for the happiness of mankind.”

Discover the Vosges know-how

The Thermal Gallery is also an opportunity to discover the know-how of the craftsmen of Contrexéville. Restoration and decoration of furniture, painting or ceramics, each workshop has its craftsman to answer all your questions.

Caroline Levers’ Workshop

Caroline Levers is a furniture restorer and decorator. She has made the Galerie Thermale the place where she expresses her talent, and visitors do not hesitate to push the door of her small workshop, where she offers the restoration and the making of seats of all styles and periods.

Caroline Levers is a “creator at heart and scout for original products”, and“you will find in my store unique seat creations and decorative or utilitarian accessories to please or to please you.”

The other skills

From the Thermal Gallery

Ginette Heuraux’s Raku workshop

Ceramist for more than 20 years, Ginette Heuraux, who resides in Monthureux Le Sec, has always been attracted to primitive arts. Thus, she has evolved her art by being inspired by the Raku technique. Of Japanese origin, it is a technique of firing pottery at low temperature. The pieces she offers are thus more sculptural, more structured, while being most creative.

Terry Perquin’s painting workshop

Artist from Remoncourt, Thierry Perquin is a true contemporary art enthusiast, and it is in fact everything that is expressed in his paintings. Accustomed to international exhibitions and crisscrossing the Grand Est to share his art, the painter has made the work of black and abstract art his battle horses.

Creations & Fantaisie arts and crafts boutique

Notice to lovers of lithotherapy (care through stones) and chromatherapy (care through colors), go to Créations & Fantaisie! You will find your happiness to channel or stimulate your energies thanks to the colorful and fancy jewels that rule the store. And if you’re even more picky, don’t hesitate to get advice on the links between stones and your zodiac sign.

Extending the stroll

And give yourself a moment to yourself

Below the charm of the Galerie Thermale, our stomachs nevertheless do not fail to remember us. We decide to extend our stay and our stroll under the gallery by treating ourselves to lunch at L’Or en Bar, a wine bar and restaurant located near the Thermal Baths.

Discover L’Or en Bar

After lunch, a discovery of the Spa

While we were having lunch, the weather was getting cloudy… So our afternoon activity is a no-brainer: we push open the door to the Spa to treat ourselves to a wellness moment at the Spa. Then we’ll have a snack at the Tastes Thés des Thermes, where the jars filled with fruit-infused waters make us salivate.

Discover the Spa at the Thermes de Contrexéville