Panorama Lacs De La Folie ©j. Baudoin Industrial PhotographerPanorama Lacs De La Folie ©j. Baudoin Industrial Photographer
©Panorama Lacs De La Folie ©j. Baudoin Industrial Photographer
A day of leisureAround the Lakes of Madness

The activities of the Lacs de la Folie

Today is a relaxing day. After visiting Contrexéville and discovering part of its rich heritage, we head to the Lacs de La Folie. There, 12 hectares of pure pleasure await us, for our greatest happiness.

On a bike to warm up

Once we’ve gobbled up our breakfasts, we bike from downtown. We join the bike path that leads us directly to the Lacs de la Folie, and its activities. When we arrive, it is a huge expanse of water that welcomes us in a green setting.

Lakes of Madness, it is a clever mix between free and paid activities, nautical and land. We prepare the picnic, while the children test the playgrounds. To make sure we digest after our lunch, we decide to take a dip in the free, supervised outdoor pool.

4 info on the site

The parking lots of the Lakes are free.

The outdoor swimming pool is open only in the afternoons in July and August.

Swimming is prohibited in the lakes.

It is possible to fish on the lake, paying a fishing fee per day and per line, directly on the spot.

A ride on the water, a reconnection with nature

For a good time with family or friends, find the activities of Pedal’Eau Mentalo, present since 1987. From a floating dock, your boat awaits you. Once everyone is comfortably seated in the deckchairs, it’s time to pedal! There is no better way to discover the lake than by boat. At your side, swans and ducks follow your crossing…

Paid activities

By Accrofolie

Dive into the heart of magic

This afternoon, we decided to book a new generation scavenger hunt… and life-size! Armed with a tablet, we must awaken a guardian goblin and close the portal that connects our world to that of goblins, trolls and other mythical creatures… not always benevolent.

Find the magic crystals and prevent the hordes of monsters from invading the Earth: that is the mission we will be entrusted with. Equipped with a tablet, the Magic Portal makes us discover the Lakes of Madness and its surroundings in a playful way.

Practical information

  • Price: 60€ per group
  • The presence of an adult per group is mandatory
  • 4 people maximum per group

Adventuring in the air

At the Lakes of La Folie, accrobranche is 8 courses for the little ones… And the older ones ! Junior area for the 4-8 years old or red or black course for the more experienced, the accrobranche allows you to take the height. Strong sensations guaranteed!

Practical information

  • Prices: between 7 and 20€ per person depending on the chosen formula
  • Minimum height required: greater than 1 meter for access to the junior park
  • Openings: in July and August, every day from 10am to 7pm. From April to June Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 2pm to 6pm and in September Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm to 5pm.

Two rooms, two moods

Choose your story, and let the Game Master take you on a ride! Burglar, cowboy arrested by mistake or legend of the Holy Grail, the rooms and atmospheres are different. But the rule is the same: 1h30 to solve all the riddles and get out of the room. On your marks, get set… Escape!

Practical info

  • Prices: 2 people – 30€, 3 people – 20€ per person, 4 people – 15€ per person
  • Open: all year round
  • Bookings: via the site

Settling scores safely

Need to vent? Got a message to get across or scores to settle? Head to the paintball field. Divided into two teams, your goal is to retrieve the flag located in the opponent’s zone without getting hit. Strategy, dexterity, adrenaline are part of the game for ever stronger sensations.

Practical information

  • Equipment: provision of suits, masks, gloves, launchers…
  • Prices: depending on the number of balls, from 30 to 82€
  • Provision of a beginner’s pack including entry, launcher, anti-fog mask, and suit

Back to downtown

We get back on our bikes, and head back toward downtown, after all the adventures. Along the way, we pass some hikers, who have, themselves, taken the walking trails of the Lacs de la Folie.

Once we arrive, we head to the restaurants for a dinner of local flavors.