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The Vosges region is full of specialties, which make its reputation, here and elsewhere. From Le Contrexéville cake to spirulina, from fruits to cheeses, Contrexéville will delight your five senses.

The Mirabelle Plum Is A Typical Fruit Of The Lorraine Region 6206190The Mirabelle Plum Is A Typical Fruit Of The Lorraine Region 6206190
©The Mirabelle Plum Is A Typical Fruit Of The Lorraine Region 6206190

The Contrexéville

To combine slimming and greediness

You can’t miss the Contrexéville. A tasty dessert inspired by the famous baba au rhum, the Contrexéville is soaked in a tasty mixture of mirabelle plum brandy, vanilla, lemon, cinnamon, but also Contrex water. As for the fruit, we might as well go local: blueberries and mirabelle plums naturally sweeten the dessert. Something to indulge yourself while keeping your figure.

Candies from the Vosges

The know-how of the Délisvosges confectionery

You have to leave Contrexéville and go to Darney, 20 km away, to discover the Délisvosges confectionery. This company, 100% Vosges, manufactures the famous pastilles with essential oils, distilled on the spot, in a traditional way. The workshop, where all the tools are authentic, is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday. The artisans invite you to enter their world, during the casting of candies. So see you at 2:15, 3:30 or 4:00 pm.

If you are rather fond of chocolate, we advise you to go to the workshop in Vittel, where you can discover local manufactures, and other sweets to taste according to the seasons.

The Riondé House

A family history

Go to the Château de Saint Baslemont, 10 km from Contrexéville to discover the Maison Riondé. Founded in 1802 and then run from father to son until 2016, when Estelle Riondé took over, this distillery offers you many Lorraine brandies with mirabelle plum, pear, or even cherry. You can also find jams, wines, aperitifs, essential oils or even Vosges saffron or griottines… Enough to offer you a cocooning moment or a nice picnic by the lakes of La Folie.

Open all year round

The Vosgian Beehive

Honeys with local flavors

It is also at the Château de Saint Baslemont that you find Gaël Mouchet. Beekeeper-harvester, Gaël is happy to show you around his farm, and to let you taste his products. And for the souvenir, let yourself be tempted by one of the many honeys, royal jelly, gingerbread or even hydroalcoholic solution with propolis… What a way to combine the useful with the pleasant !

The Barns goat farm

Cheeses for all tastes

In the heart of the forest, not far from the Castle of Saint Baslemont, the goat farm of the Granges welcomes you and makes you discover all the farm products. Fresh goat, dry, flavored or fresh tommes, there is something to satisfy all tastes and desires. For the curious, there are also visits of the goat farm, only on reservation, accompanied by a tasting.

Open every day for sale, visits on reservation

The Hermitage Cheeses

To discover all the local wealth

In the pretty commune of Bulgnéville, there is a small chalet-sale that invites you to walk through the door. Breathe in and smell all the cheese smells that come out of it; you are in an Ermitage cooperative. Yes, you know, you can even find them in supermarkets! Here, you can find all the good cheeses from the Vosges, and you can even buy some. In the course of a conversation, you will also learn more about this cooperative with more than 90 years of existence.

The cottage is open Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 1 to 6:30 pm, Wednesday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1 to 6:30 pm and Saturday morning from 9 am to 11:30 am.

The secrets of beer

At the Vosges Brewery Ecomuseum

Want to know all the secrets of Vosges beer? Then go to the Vosges brewery ecomuseum, in Ville sur Illon. Witness of the industrial architecture of the Vosges, the eco-museum and its brewers will take you to discover the techniques of manufacturing the hop drink in the first half of the 19th century. The Mill, the boilers, the fermentation, the coffee 1900, punctuate your journey. Without forgetting the brewing demonstrations, the various temporary exhibitions, the tasting corner and the store.


100% local at Spirul'in Vosges

Spirulina, this micro-algae with multiple virtues, is no longer presented. Rich in proteins, iron, vitamin A, its blue-green color fascinates. In powder, in capsules, to be crunched, it can be found in different forms. In Rancourt, at Spirul’in Vosges, you can find it in flakes. A 100% local production, which respects the environment in which it grows. Cultivated in greenhouses, protected from pollution, then drained, pressed, and dried at low temperature, 100% Vosges spirulina retains all its nutritional qualities.

The "brimbelle

Specialty of the Briseverre Farm

In Hennezel, there are fifty shades of red that welcome you to the Ferme de Briseverre. In season, you are free to pick the red fruits that are within your reach. At all times, let yourself be seduced by the jams, coulis, juices or syrups of the Ferme de Briseverre. If you don’t have a green thumb, the farm also sells its berries wholesale… And retail. What to enjoy local products, juicy and sweet, without ruining yourself.

The Blue Wine of the Coteaux du Montfort

The wine of the country

You have to go to La Neuveville sous Montfort, 13 km from Contrexéville, to discover the vines that are at the origin of this local wine. It is its dress, of a garnet color, pulling on the blue, which gives it this appellation of “Blue Wine” which received the label “Vosges Terroir”. Take the time to taste it, and enjoy the aromas of kirsch and candied blueberries that tickle your palate. You can also taste a very fruity red wine, which represents the entire Vosges terroir.

Coopérative Viticole des Côteaux du Montfort, 88800 La Neuveville sous Montfort


Two 100% local ideas

A 100% local consumption

Esprit Paysan is the story of 10 producers who decide to found a store that offers local and short circuit products. That’s how, on rue de la Division Leclerc, a pretty green facade was born. Since then, the store and the references have only increased: today, more than 400 products, divided into about forty producers, fill the shelves of the store. In particular, you can find the rhubarb-based products of Maison Moine, honeys, meats, fruits and vegetables in season, but also cosmetics, essential oils or dry or fresh products… In short, Esprit Paysan, it is THE place to shop.

Opening hours

Wednesday and Thursday: 9:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. / 2 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Friday and Saturday: 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. non-stop

A recipe
Authentic and traditional


  • 350 g shortcrust pastry
  • 200 g smoked brisket

    4 tsp. tablespoons fresh cream

  • 5 turns of pepper mill
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 little milk


  • Tear and dice the smoked brisket into small cubes
  • Brown it without any fat
  • Turn on the oven to 220 °C th.7
  • Roll out the pastry, butter the pan then prick the pastry with a fork
  • Add the lardons
  • In a salad bowl, beat the eggs as for an omelette, add the cream, dilute with a little milk, and season with pepper
  • Pour this mixture over the pastry
  • Bake for 25 min
  • Pick up any bubbles that may form on the surface
  • Unmould, serve, enjoy!
Local Idea

The Lorraine pâté is also a must on the Vosges table.

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