Gallery and Pavilion ©j. Baudoin Industrial PhotographerGallery and Pavilion ©j. Baudoin Industrial Photographer
©Gallery and Pavilion ©j. Baudoin Industrial Photographer|Jérôme BAUDOIN

An irresistible romantic charm

Throughout history

A connection with History

In Contrexéville, it is not difficult to imagine the great ladies of the 18th century strolling through the streets, the carriages, and the gentlemen telling tales. The Romantic movement has left its mark on the city, giving it a charm that is hard to resist. To the point of making an infidelity to our city of residence, and why not, to extend a little our stay in Contrexéville.

Sighing at the altar

During your romantic stroll, stop by the Russian Orthodox Chapel. Located in the Thermal Park, it was built for Grand Duchess Wladimir of Russia in 1909. After taking refuge with other Russians after the October Revolution, she died in Contrexéville in 1920 and is buried in this chapel. Her third son, Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich, is also buried beside her.

Space-time travel

Discover in video the history of Contrexéville, its unusual heritage and walk in the footsteps of the famous Grand Duchess Wladimir!


Flirting with heritage

While the romantic trend dominates in Contrexéville, other artistic trends and architectural styles can be observed. Whether it is the neo-Byzantine style of the thermal baths, or the Art Deco style that characterizes the Casino, the city’s heritage offers you a thousand and one ways to be seduced.

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