Kiosk and Pavilion of the Springs©domaine Thermal ContrexevilleKiosk and Pavilion of the Springs©domaine Thermal Contrexeville
©Kiosk and Pavilion of the Springs©domaine Thermal Contrexeville

The 1000 facets of Contrexéville

Follow the guide!

Today, we leave on the tracks of the inescapable of Contrexéville. Equipped with our phones and the Izi.Travel application, we select the route “Les 1000 facettes de Contrexéville”, and on our way to the first step!

The Tourist Office as a starting point

It all starts in front of the Tourist Office. It is there that we meet Contrexéville, a lady of great age, but resolutely modern. She will be our guide throughout our walk through the streets of the city, looking for the blue hats signaling the riddles to be solved. We turn off the internet connection on our phone, and begin our immersion in the heart of the heritage.

As we wander around and stop, we look for all the clues that allow us to answer the riddles. Fountains, church, thermal gallery, hotels, nothing is missing… The children have a great time answering, while we play the role of the Lady Contrexéville, who tells her story according to the monuments and characters.

The Office of Tourism, it’s here

4 infos on the course

The tour lasts about 1 hour. The departure and arrival are at the Tourist Office.

Once the course is downloaded, you no longer need an internet connection to run it.

The Izi.Travel application is completely free, and so is the route.

Let the geolocation system find the first checkpoint before you start your adventure, and don’t forget to turn on the sound!

At the halfway point, the Spa

We have been walking for a good half hour now, following the riddles and stories of Contrexéville. We are halfway through our walk, and we arrive at one of the highlights of our walk: the Thermal Baths of Contrexéville.

A little history

We take the opportunity to discover the history of the Thermes, from their construction to their multiple renovations. Without forgetting all the springs that exist or have existed in Contrexéville. We let the quietness of the place win us over before resuming our journey, this time towards the Hôtel de la Souveraine.

To the discovery

Other facets of the city

That’s it, it’s the end, we see the Tourist Office in the distance. We reach it, after having brilliantly validated all the riddles. The children are proud to have played while discovering all the facets of the city, and we, we took a lot of eyes throughout our wandering. Now it’s time to eat!

After the effort… The comfort

After having eaten well, we decide to go back to the Thermes, where we will relax at the Spa. As children can access it from 6 years old, we can go with our family. It is a real afternoon of comfort that awaits us, to relax and fully enjoy all the virtues of the thermal water of Contrexéville.

Spend a few hours at the Spa des Thermes